The 2mag bioREACTOR is a new developed, space-saving and user-friendly bioreaction block with up to 8 parallelised mini reactors.

The high parallelisation allows an easy realisation of high-throughput fermentations in the biotechnological, chemical or pharmaceutical research. This strongly reduces development time and costs for new production processes. Miniaturisation into the low millilitre scale (8-15 ml) provides a significant saving of material and process costs.

The 2mag bioREACTOR is characterised by an exactly controllable stirring speed with automatic stirrer monitoring as well as precise non-invasive real time measurement of pH and dissolved oxygen (DO). Gassing and mixing of the culture vessels is provided by the gas inducing, inductive stirring elements.

The sterile headspace aeration prevents cross and external contaminations and allows cultivation of aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms.
An easy and secure scaling-up of the results into production scale can be ensured by precisely defined engineering parameters and the comparable power and oxygen input (kLa > 0,4 s-1) to well-established stirred tank reactors.

The bioREACTOR 8 can be operated as standalone or fully automated by integration into a pipetting robot.

The bioREACTOR is available in two model variants with 8 or 48 parallel reactors. A still higher parallelisation can be achieved by simoultaneous use of several bioREACTOR units. These can be controlled via an intelligent central software and important process parameters (pH ans DO) can be monitored in real time. In addition, the simoultaneous use of several bioREACTOR units allows the variation of other parameters e.g. the temperature or the stirring speed.

Temperature range
The temperature of the bioreactor block is measured by an internal Pt100 sensor and can be controlled externally by a thermostat. To avoid evaporation loss, the headspace of the reaction vessels can be cooled down with an reflux cooler. The evaporated water condenses and rests in the reaction vessel. The bioREACTOR with pH and DO sensors can be used at temperatures from 10°C up to 50°C. Temperatures from 0°C up to 65°C are possible without sensors.

Working volume
The working volume of the culture vessels ranges between 8 and 15 millilitres. This allows repeated sampling without strong reduction of the fermentation volume but also enough capacity for adding pH correction agents or substrates.

Real-time measurement of pH and DO
pH and dissolved oxygen can be measured in real time with a non-invasive optical sensor system over the whole process time. For this, the bottom of the culture vessels are equipped with small sensor spots (pH and O2 sensitive luminescent dyes). The fluorometric measurement is provided by stimulation with light and measurement of the decay time (DLR=Dual Lifetime Referencing Principle, PreSens GmbH). The measuring range lies between 4.0 and 7.5 for the pH and between 0 and 50 % for the dissolved oxygen.

Culture vessels (Disposables)
The spotted disposable culture vessels are made of polystyrene and sterile packed in a set of two. This allows a time saving and easy equipping of the bioREACTOR. The special geometry of the culture vessels with baffles in combination with the used stirring elements lead to a very good mixing of the medium and to high oxygen transfer rates.

The continuous gassing of the bioREACTOR can be realised with a gas mixing station. Depending on the used gases (O2, N2, air) aerobic and anaerobic cultivations are possible. The gas transfer into the medium of the culture vessels is done passively through the gas inducing, inductive driven magnetic stirring elements. The gas tranfer rate can be adjusted via the stirring speed.

Stirrer monitoring
At very high cell densities or a high percentage of solids in the medium a stop of rare stirrers can occur in less cases. This will be detected in a few seconds and the stirrers will be restarted automatically. Therewith, the stirrer monitoring guarantees a secure experimental run.

Intelligent software
The stand alone software allows the parallel use of several bioREACTOR 8 and/or 48 units. At the same time, already finished runs can be compared with new running experiments.

Autoclavability and sterility
All parts which can be in contact with the medium are autoclavable or sterile packed disposables. The gassing unit with the fixed stirring elements is completely autoclavable In addition, the complete bioreactor block is sterilisable with ethanol. The disposable culture vessels are sterile packed and were disposed after the experiment. During the experiment, the sterile headspace gassing avoids cross and external contaminations.

The exactly defined geometry of the stirring elements, the precisely characterised process parameters as well as the to standard laboratory stirred tank reactors comparable power and oxygen input (kLa >0,4 s-1) through the stirring elements allow an easy upscaling of the results into the litre scale.

The bioREACTOR can be used as stand alone or fully automated by integration into a pipetting robot. The integration allows pH control, adding of substrates and taking samples out of the reaction vessels. Therewith feeding strategies can be analysed, an online measurement of the optical density (OD) can be made or samples for additional tests can be taken out of the vessels.

wirbel_mini High parallelization
wirbel_mini Optimal working volume (8 – 15 ml)
wirbel_mini Temperature up to 50°C (with sensors) and up to 65°C (without sensors)
wirbel_mini Easy handling through disposables
wirbel_mini Non-invasive real-time measurement of pH and DO
wirbel_mini High oxygen transfer rates
wirbel_mini Automated stirrer monitoring
wirbel_mini Intelligent software for parallel operation
wirbel_mini Automatable
wirbel_mini High parallel and sequential reproducibility
wirbel_mini Easy scalability to the litre scale