New developed, high-effective 2mag stirring bar, ideal for viscous media, stirring over wide distances or for disadvantageous vessel bottoms.

More than 4x higher torque transmissible, unbeatable increased mixing effect in comparison to conventional stirring bars, high energetic and long-term stable magnetic field, no demagnetization effect, convex design for a minimum of bearing surface and reliable rotation, triangular shape for powerful shear force, better mixing effect at lower rotation speed.

300% less PTFE abrasion than comparable round shape stirring bars, significantly higher rotation speed reachable, high quality, even and sealed PTFE cover, FDA-conform, steam sterilizable at 121°C.

Multiple improved performances for all types of magnetic stirrers.

wirbel_mini High-effective stirring bar
wirbel_mini Ideal for viscous media
wirbel_mini 4x higher torque transmissible
wirbel_mini Unbeatable increased mixing effect

2mag stirring bar remover PTFE
Stirring bar remover PTFE

PTFE-coated flexible stirring bar remover