MIX 1 eco

Ultra flat, wear-free 2mag magnetic stirrer with 1 stirring position, up to 3,000 ml stirring volume, also suitable for the operation with aggressive media.

Price-optimized magnetic stirrer, 100% maintenance-free and wear-free by inductive 2mag-Magnetic-Drive concept for mixing of solutions, speed range from 120 up to 1,400 rpm, jerk-free stirring even at low speeds.

SoftStart for reliable catching/centring and safe accelerating of the stirring bar, fully encapsulated stainless steel housing, extremely robust construction.

wirbel_mini Price-optimized, maintenance- and wear-free
wirbel_mini Up to 3,000 ml
wirbel_mini Footprint 12 x 12 cm
wirbel_mini Stirring speed from 120 up to 1,400 rpm
wirbel_mini 3 years warranty
wirbel_mini Developed and made in Germany

2mag ASTEROID family

High-effective stirring bar

2mag stirring bar remover PTFE
Stirring bar remover PTFE

PTFE-coated flexible stirring bar remover