MIXdrive 1

Ultra flat, wear-free 2mag magnetic stirrer with 1 stirring position, suitable for vessels up to 10,000 ml.

1 stirring position, 100% maintenance-free and wear-free by inductive 2mag-Magnetic-Drive concept for powerful mixing of solutions, jerk-free stirring even at low speeds.

Fully encapsulated and hermetically sealed stainless steel housing, IP68, water-, dust-, and germproof, extremely robust construction and performance, easy to clean and maximum resistance, submersible in water- resp. oil baths, suitable for the use in CO2-incubators and ovens.

Two different temperature areas available: Basic-version up to +50 °C, HT-version up to +95 °C submerged in water baths and up to +200 °C in ovens, individual dimensions on request. 3 years warranty on material and manufacturing, developed and made in Germany.

wirbel_mini Wear-free magnetic stirrer, up to +200°C
wirbel_mini Submersible, up to +95 °C
wirbel_mini Footprint 18 x 18 cm
wirbel_mini Stirring speed from 100 up to 2,000 rpm (depending on the control unit)
wirbel_mini Extremely robust construction
wirbel_mini Integrable in systems
wirbel_mini 3 years warranty
wirbel_mini Developed and made in Germany

Please order control unit separately!

2mag MIXcontrol eco
MIXcontrol eco

Price-optimized control unit for small to medium volumes

2mag MIXcontrol eco DINrail family
MIXcontrol eco DINrail

Control unit for DIN installation (electrical cabinets)

2mag MIXcontrol 20/40
MIXcontrol 20

Universal control unit for connection of one stirring drive MIXdrive 1 (HT)

2mag MIXcontrol 20/40
MIXcontrol 40 (2 connection sockets)

Only with 2 connected MIXdrive 1 (HT) or in combination with distriBOX 4 and connection of 2 or 4 stirring drives MIXdrive 1 (HT)

2mag ASTEROID 40

High-effective stirring bar

2mag stirring bar remover PTFE
Stirring bar remover PTFE

PTFE-coated flexible stirring bar remover

2mag extension cord MIXdrive
Extension cord for MIXdrive

Extension cord for MIXdrive, 3 m length

2mag distriBOX 4
distriBOX 4

4-fold distributor