Unbeaten strong 2mag magnetic stirrer with large set-up area, up to 250 litres stirring volume, also suitable for highly viscous media.

Very strong magnetic coupling, therefore predestined for magnetic power transmission over wide distances (up to 60 mm), for thick vessel bottoms or for double-coat vessels, ideal for the integration into process engineering systems.

Maintenance-free 2mag-motor-drive with large speed range from 100 up to 1,200 rpm. Fully encapsulated and tight stainless steel housing, IP64, extremely robust construction and performance, easy to clean under running water and maximum firm. Individual measurements on request.

wirbel_mini Up to 250 litres stirring volume
wirbel_mini Stirring over wide distances
wirbel_mini Stirring speed from 120 up to 1,200 rpm
wirbel_mini Footprint 26 x 26 cm
wirbel_mini Ideal for highly viscous media
wirbel_mini Outstanding long-life quality
wirbel_mini 3 years warranty
wirbel_mini Developed and made in Germany

Please order control unit MAXcontrol separately.

2mag MAXdrive with MAXcontrol

Powerful control unit for stirring drives MAXdrive

2mag ASTEROID 40

High-effective stirring bar for large volumes

2mag SATELLITE 140

New developed, high-effective stirring bar for large volumes

2mag stirring bar remover XL
Stirring bar remover XL

Extremely strong stirring bar remover

2mag maxFRAME with MAXdrive

Frame for easy and fast enlargement of surface area and loading capacity

2mag extension cord MAXdrive and FABdrive
Extension cord for MAXdrive/FABdrive

Extension cord for MAXdrive and FABdrive, length 3m