bioMIXcontrol 4MS

Efficient control unit, for 4 drives 2mag bioMIXdrive 1, developed for the hard daily lab use and uncompromising warming-free continuous operation.

Control unit for the connection of 4 stirring drive bioMIXdrive 1, individual and independent speed setting for each stirring drive (Master-Slave-Technology), also ON-/OFF function, synchronous speed mode for all drives, extended speed range from 5 to 250 rpm, 6 watts/stirring position without any own-generated heating effect, automatic power setting for the warming-free continuous operation e.g. in CO2-incubators, jerk-free stirring, even and smooth stirring also at slow speeds.

Digital display for speed setting, SoftStart for reliable and safe accelerating of stirring bar, QuickSet for quick setting of start and maximum speed, storage of last working status when turning off, firm stainless steel housing, easy to clean.

Note: The bioMIXcontrol 4 MS control unit is only suitable for connecting bioMIXdrive 1 stirrer drives.

2mag extension cord bioMIXdrive
Extension cord for 2mag bioMIXdrive

Extension cord for bioMIXdrive, length 3m