2mag Philosophy

What is the effect of a magnetic north pole without a south pole?
What is the effect of an electric + pole without a – pole?
What is the effect of techniques without competence?
What is the effect of a product without passion?
What is the effect of a supplier without a customer?

According to experience, alwasy 2 are needed to achieve a successful dialogue and interaction.
The main focus of our action and business philosophy are our customers and their needs and requirements.

wirbel_mini Customer-oriented
wirbel_mini Short communication ways – competent team
wirbel_mini Direct access to experienced contact persons
wirbel_mini Fast reactions
wirbel_mini Innovative products
wirbel_mini Well-proven concepts
wirbel_mini Long experience

The main importance of our passion lies upon our customers and our products!
2mag is providing you more than 30 years of competence in the conception, development, production and sales of magnetic and inductive drive concepts, as e.g. magnetic stirrers.
This experience paired with a great passion and emotion for our customers – and our products – enables the fast and economic creation of solutions precisely for your needs.
„Customizing”, the manufacturing of special made products, is our business, our competence and our passion! Individual requests will result in individual – and even more important – also economically realizable solutions.